Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Are you licensed and insured?
Answer: Yes

Question: Will you install my own tile?
Answer: Yes we can install previously purchased tile that you currently own.

Question: Can I use tile on an outside project?
Answer: Yes, porcelain tile is recommended.

Question: Will the grout stain or get dirty easily?
Answer: The grout used at J&J Tile and Stone includes a sealer within the product that makes the grout virtually maintenance free.

Question: What kind of maintenance can I expect with tile?
Answer: There is little to no maintenance to your tile other than basic cleaning.

Question: Where can I use tile in my home?
Answer: Anywhere you are looking to add beauty and value to your home. The most common areas include: floors, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, fireplaces, tubs and entry ways.

Question: Will you do all the prep work and clean-up for my new installation?
Answer: Yes, we will also move all the small furniture that might be in the area being worked on.

Question: Will a tile floor be very cold to the touch?
Answer: A tile floor will usually remain a few degrees cooler than room temperature, but an in-floor heating system can be installed under the tile for comfort.

Question: Do I have to reseal my tile often?
Answer: In lower traffic areas tile will not need to be resealed for 10-15 years and in higher traffic areas 5-10 years.

Question: How long will the installation of my project take?
Answer: This depends on the type of materials being used, the size of the area and location of the installation, time quotes will be provided upon consultation.

Question: Will my tile fade in direct sunlight?
Answer: Porcelain and ceramic tile have a glaze to prevent fading. Natural stones as long as they are sealed properly should remain fade resistant.